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Small Business

After a decade in the IT industry, I have served almost every industry imaginable, and more clients than I can count. I am confident that no matter your business, I can help.


Are you a rural business in the Santa Ynez Valley? I support many rural businesses and am very familiar with your unique needs.

My expertise runs deeps. I am certified in network engineering, server administration, cybersecurity, and network administration (CCNA, MCSA, Sec+, Net+).



Residential properties have many of the same IT needs as small businesses. They need powerful networks and Wi-Fi, fast internet service, cameras and security, and a professional to call when things go wrong. 

People at home often have no one to call for IT support. I resolve that issue by offering a service that is fully modern, deeply professional, and affordable.

As a current resident of the Santa Ynez Valley, and long-time resident of Santa Barbara County, I am intimately familiar with the needs of our residential properties.

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