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Small Business

With over ten years of experience in the IT industry, I've had the privilege of serving a diverse array of industries and numerous clients. I am confident that regardless of your business type, I can provide valuable assistance.


If you're a rural business in the Santa Ynez Valley, you're in good hands. I have extensive experience supporting rural businesses and am well-versed in addressing your unique needs.


My expertise is comprehensive, spanning certifications in network engineering, server administration, cybersecurity, and network administration (CCNA, MCSA, Sec+, Net+).


The IT requirements of residential properties closely align with those of small businesses, necessitating robust networks, efficient Wi-Fi, high-speed internet service, security cameras, and access to a reliable professional in times of technical issues.

Many individuals lack a dedicated IT support contact for their home needs. I address this gap by providing a service that is not only modern and highly professional but also budget-friendly.

Being a resident of the Santa Ynez Valley and having lived in Santa Barbara County over 20 years, I possess an intimate understanding of the specific IT needs within our residential communities.

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